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About Us

This site is a year-long project of our family homeschool, consisting of 4 kids. Our little brother Matthew is still in kindergarten and Andrew is just 2 years old. We'll include them when they get older. Our main purpose is to learn about all the great classical literature that is out there and make much of it available to you. A secondary purpose is to learn how to build and mainatain a website, and to learn about the costs involved and how to try to fund such a project. Currently we are operating on advertising revenue and any donations we might receive. Our dad helped us a lot in building this site. In case you didn't know, he's the coolest dad on the planet.

All of us kids are involved in researching the authors and their works. We read as many of the stories as possible and pick our favorites. We will continue to add new authors and new works over time. In addition to the general duties we all share, we each are specializing in a certain aspect of the website. Below we tell you a little about us and our special roles.

Here we are:

Ben (age 13) is our CFO. He keeps track of how much this project is costing us and any donations we receive.

Ben loves basketball and soccer, shooting with grandpa, and playing video games on the computer and on his GameCube. He can also enjoys listening to music on his new iPod and hanging out with friends.

Jacob (age 12) is our Creative Design Specialist. He makes recommendations for color schemes, layout and logo design.

Jacob loves reading, drawing and exploring the world around him. He is especially interested in rocks & minerals.

Brianna (age 9) is our Quality Control Specialist. She will be checking through the site to make sure all the links work correctly and log any unintended behavior.

Brianna enjoys ballet, swimming playing barbies and riding her bike. She also likes playing with brother Matthew.

Elise (age 9) is our Advertising Specialist. She decides who we will ask to sponsor us and chooses the ad layouts to put on our page. We are hoping to recoup the cost of our project through donations and advertising.

Elise likes to read, write her own stories, and do anything creative. She is also enjoying swimming and soccer this year.