Welcome to Kids4Classics! Our website offers free online books for anyone who enjoys classical literature. We especially designed the site with students, teachers and homeschoolers in mind.

To find a book to read online, use our title index, or browse through the author index below. All of the books we offer are Public Domain in the USA.

Please Bookmark our site for future reference. We have many other rersources to explore and are continually adding new books to our online library.

This website is a year-long homeschool project created by 4 siblings who are homeschooled by their mom. Please check out the About Kids4Classics link for more information. If you are a homeschooler, we would love it if you coud share this site with your homeschool group. And if you have your own education or literature-based website, please consider linking to Kids4Classics. Finally, if you would like to support our efforts, here are some ways you can do so: Ways to support Kids4Classics.

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